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How do I get my extranet user?
You can request it in this link.

Why does my extranet password get blocked?
If you do not log in for 30 days, the password will block automatically.

What should I do if my extranet password gets blocked?
Please contact Help Desk

How much does it cost to use extranet?
The use of extranet is totally free of charge.

If I make an online payment (Pagonet), would I have to wait for being assisted?
No, if you have already made the payment via extranet, you will have preferential treatment (i.e. a customer service window for you).

If I make inquiries via extranet, do I have to communicate with you to know if the information is right?
It is not necessary, extranet information is 100% reliable.

When I create a matrix via extranet, do I need to have the final data?
To create a matrix for the first time, you need to have provisional data because this permits to have a reference about what will be shipped.

Could I change the matrix data?
You can make changes in the matrix, but remember you have a closing date and after this date you will not be allowed to make any change.

How many settlements can I generate via web and how many can I pay?
You can generate settlements via web unlimitedly. However, when you are going to make the payment, we recommend to make maximum 5 settlements by time in order to avoid problems during the operation.

If the freight is prepaid and the THC is collect, may I pay for it?
Yes, you can make this payment via our extranet platform.

What mode of transport can I use to export my product to a specific market?

The mode of transport to export a product depends on several factors as: type, value, weight and volume of the product, type of cargo, handlings, type and cost of packing, safety, accessibility, availability, frequency, speed and mode of transport cost. Additionally, the customs fees and the requested documentation may affect the decision to choose the sea, air or land mode of transport.

In Peru there is a wide range of sea, air and land services in comparison to the neighboring countries. Transportation to some countries is limited because of the frequency and transit time to arrive to the final destination.

What are the freight charges for international transport (sea, air, land) from Peru to a specific destination?

Between two points, the freight charges vary according to the type of cargo, volume, mode and transport equipment or cargo unit, and carrier. For exact charges applicable from Peru to a specific destination, you should ask directly to the carrier that makes the route of your interest. The freight forwarding agencies and customs brokerage companies can also provide this information.

What is the most appropriate mode of transport for my product?

The mode of transport for export a product depends on these factors:

  • Product type to export
  • Product weight
  • Cargo volume
  • Product and shipment value
  • Point of origin and destination requested by the buyer
  • Type of packing and packaging
  • Buyer’s requirements as frequency, speed, availability and accessibility to all modes of transport

It is important to mention that each mode of transport has its own characteristics. For example, the air transport is not appropriate for massive cargos neither the sea transport for urgent cargoes.

What company of sea, air or land transport can I use to carry my products to any destination?

You must specify origin and destination. Check services from Peruvian ports and airports for sea and air transport. You may also ask to one of our executives about the main regular services for cargo transport from Peruvian ports and airports to the most important commercial ports and airports in the world.

What are Incoterms?

They are terms used for buying and selling internationally (International Commerce Terms) that establishes responsibilities and obligations of the parties involved in the operation. Incoterms regulate four major problems that take place in all business transactions:

  1. Goods delivery
  2. Risks transfer
  3. Expenses distribution
  4. Required documents

For more information on Incoterms click here [link to Sub-section Incoterms Tools]

What are the best terms of sale to negotiate with my overseas buyer?

It depends on several factors such as:

  • Buyer’s demands
  • Company experience in exports
  • Exporter’s ability to coordinate the supply chain and business practice, etc.

It is essential that exporters know about Incoterms, its risks, responsibilities and costs. You can check about it in our Information/Training Center section.

How do I select my shipper, freight forwarder or broker?

You should select them taking into account the following factors:

  • References from other users
  • Partner companies
  • Own offices or overseas representatives
  • Sales volume and financial stability
  • Expertise in international operations
  • Information systems and tracking cargo
  • How much load can I send in a maritime container?

The characteristics of maritime containers are based on range, weight and total volume according to the container type:

  • Importation

    What is a customs broker’s role? A customs broker acts as an assistant to the customs public function, whose license permits him to act as an agent before the Customs in order to provide goods customs clearance services to third parties. He is responsible for preventing the tax interests applicable to customs procedures according to […]

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  • Exportation

    In case the documents for an export transaction are stolen, what documents should be submitted to regularize the Customs Single Declaration for Export? According to article 72 paragraph b) of the General Customs Law Regulations, you should take into account for export transactions the following supporting documents: Declaration with Provisional Data, Invoice or an Equivalent […]

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