Agenciamiento aduanero

Agenciamiento aduanero Perú

Customs brokerage services

Our services are mainly based on the planning, speed, safety and transparency of the different customs procedures we carry out throughout our country, optimizing times and costs.

As a Customs Agency, we maintain the trust our clients place in our work when we clear their goods and represent them before the Customs Authority.

Customs Clearance

Accomplishments of the necessary Customs requirements in order to goods are subject to Customs regime.

Advance Clearance

It can be requested for any type of goods until 15 days before the ship arrival in order to know the route of its Customs checking and make appropriate arrangements, optimizing the use of the time.

Urgent Clearance

Urgency consignments are goods that require a preferential treatment due to their nature or place where they should be stored. Examples: Organs, blood and blood plasma, live animals and parts of machinery in order to not stop the productive process.

Exceptional Clearance

This service provides temporary warehouse to goods and then, the Customs Clearance takes place. It was previously known as Normal Clearance.

This new clearance model aims to modernize the customs management, which implements the best international practices and the intensive use of technology, based on the modernization of a guaranteed advance clearance.


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